Our Service Areas

We are assisting businesses with affordable and reliable IT solutions for their needs. 

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Internet Connectivity

We recommend a Dedicated Internet Access for your business because of its unlimited data connection, security, scalability and fixed bandwidth. 

We can assist you with an affordable and reliable internet access via Fibre, Radio or VSAT connections.

IT Security

Protect your organization against attacks from viruses, malware, or from unauthorized users.

At Comjects7, we provide clients with trusted Anti-
Virus and Firewall protection for their network,
websites and Emails.

Managed IT Services

This is the practice of outsourcing the technological
management of an organisation to an IT company
for their expertise and competence.

Under this service, we assist clients with IT staff support, Application Development, Project management, and Data centers solutions.


Video Conference Solutions

Reduce your transportation cost and save time by
integrating a video conference solutions for your
business. We recommend Polycom and Logitech
products because of their quality, support services,
and durability.

Website Development

Get your business online and promoted to gain more customers. This is no secret. 

We build beautiful and functioning websites for a
variety of businesses and also assist you with the web
hosting and digital marketing of your site.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services are the means whereby a person or organization can access its files or information at any time and place from a remote computer server rather from an on-premises server. This helps to reduce energy bills, eliminates server purchase and maintenance cost and assist in your business continuity and scalability.

Microsoft 365, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Backup and Recovery and Cloud Service Co-location are examples of cloud services we can assist you with.

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Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings are structures that use automated processes to manage and control the functions within the property via internet connection. These functions include automated lighting, cooling/heating, window shades, entertainment, Access control, CCTV, etc.

At Comjects7, we facilitate the process of making your building smart by providing the necessary equipment and labour at an affordable cost.