A Digital Marketing Agency Lagos

Providing marketing solutions that work


Digital Marketing

Expand and reach your customers

We aim to help clients enhance their brand recognition, boost their revenue, and establish their business as the preferred destination for the services they provide by providing them with the necessary online exposure through our digital marketing agency based in Lagos, which specializes in social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Event Sponsorship

Gain exposure and build new relationships

Our marketing agency specializes in providing event sponsorship and participation services that help you gain exposure and build strong relationships with your target audience. From identifying the right events to maximizing your ROI, we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Marketing Consulting

Receive market strategies for your business and more

Our marketing consultancy provides clients with market research, brand improvement, media marketing strategy, and internal and external audits. We also offer retainer services to ensure ongoing support in achieving your business goals.


Case studies

Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce

Non-Profit Organization

Through strategic media advice and targeted press releases, we increased visibility for the Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce (NGCC) with photo news, reaching their desired audience.

Nexford University

Online University

We were able to increase Nexford University’s brand recognition and draw in new students to their programs by implementing a focused email marketing strategy and a well-planned social media promotion.


Online Real Estate Platform

We helped BuyLetLive promote the launch of their Property Price Index Report, generating over  140 report downloads which contributed to the 34,000-plus web traffic to their website.


Architectural Designer

By executing well-planned and strategic online media campaigns, we were able to position Spacefinish as a leading authority in architecture by showcasing their innovative lab designs.

About Us

Who we are

A Simple Definition

Comjects7 is a marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria that offers digital marketing and traditional media and strategy services for businesses and non-profit organizations.

We believe that from a holistic standpoint, a well-executed marketing plan creates the effect of a straight-line strategy that achieves the desired goal.

Our Process

How we work

1: Understanding your marketing needs

We execute client-centric plans by understanding our client’s marketing needs through active listening, comprehensive analysis, and clear communication for successful project delivery.

2: Creating a bespoke strategy

We then develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to the customer’s needs that involves specific goals, determining the target audience, creating content, selecting the right channels, and determining the budget.

3: Execute and Optimize

Finally, we execute the marketing strategy and conduct a performance analysis to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Also, we make necessary adjustments to optimize performance and attain the set goals.

Our Allies

Our Partners